What we do

Active since 2010, at LCATM we have increased our partners’ value proposition, impact and success through the design, development, fundraising, implementation, and management of a wide portfolio of scientific projects and activities, including:

  • National and international projects such as Melanogaster: Catch the Fly! and its international counterpart “aDaptNAtion”, the first European citizen science network on adaptation genomics.
  • Dissemination and promotion of International scientific networks.
  • Top-quality multimedia and audio-visual materials: graphic design (printed & online), apps, video games, interactive installations, documentaries, web pages, educational resources (formal and informal education). 
  • Outreach and showcase videos for a range of research and outreach projects.
  • Workshops, talks, conferences, outreach talks, scientific, educational and training schools, and interactive activities.
    Science communication, outreach, and promotion: content development, support, and consulting in storytelling, media and social media, educational materials and interactive tools.