Fronteres del Coneixement (Frontiers of Knowledge) Outreach Seminars

Fronteres del Coneixement (Frontiers of Knowledge) Outreach Seminars

“Fronteres del Coneixement” (‘Frontiers of Knowledge’) is a digital activity consisting in educational resources to explain concepts on frontier-research evolutionary biology to high school students. It covers topics as diverse as the origin of multicellularity, metamorphosis, the role of genes in our decisions, the diversity of butterflies and the information genes provide us about climate change or the past of the human species through the genome. With a “snowball” scheme, the activity is prepared for teachers to leverage the materials and implement it in their own high schools.


CLIENT: LCATM has partnered with the Institute of Evolutionary Biology to adapt the research contents to ready-to-use teaching materials, and promote the implementation of the activity in a number of high schools

PRODUCT: Biology Scientific Meeting Organization


  • Design, production, and implementation of the meeting and activities.
  • Consulting in the scientific content adaptation.
  • Design and development of educational materials.
  • Video production and 2D animation
  • Communication strategy, graphic design,  and promotion and dissemination of the meeting activities. 
  • Website design and development

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