Adaptation by Natural selection – Interactive educational

Adaptation by Natural selection – Interactive educational

Explains how evolution is caused by the changes that occur in populations of organisms across generations.
General objectives:

  • To provide students with the opportunity to discover the process of adaptation by natural selection for themselves Specific:
  • Understanding the process of natural selection that allows populations to adapt to the environment. This involves understanding the three conditions necessary for natural selection to work.
  • Understanding that the effects of mutations depend on environmental conditions: a mutation is not a priori adaptive (good) or deleterious (bad); this depends on the environment they are in.
  • Understanding the importance of variability: if there is no variability, populations will become extinct because it is not possible for them to adapt to change.


  • Stimulate critical thinking: develop questions and draw conclusions based on observations made.
  • Encourage group work (if appropriate).


CLIENT: LCATM has partnered with The Laboratory of Evolutionary and Functional Genomics, led by Dr. Josefa González at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF) from Barcelona (‘González Lab’), and Catalunya La Pedrera Fundation.

PRODUCT: Interactive science educational resource.


  • Original idea and concept
  • Development and writing of the proposal and application for financing from Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.
  • Consulting in the scientific content adaptation
  • Graphic image
  • Original music
  • Animation and creation of audiovisuals
  • Game dynamics
  • Software design and development
  • Communication, dissemination and marketing.



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