Who we are cat

The science communication, dissemination and exploitation non-profit association “La Ciència Al Teu Món” (LCATM, meaning ‘Science in Your World’), is a multidisciplinary collective that brings together scientists and professionals in communication, culture, education, technology, didactics, and citizen science, with the common interest and commitment of promoting scientific culture in society, through the promotion of values such as critical thinking, respect for the evidence, cooperation, integrity and sustainability. For LCATM, these values are not only the pillars of scientific practice, but are also essential for the construction of an analytical, tolerant, inclusive, and fair society, with an open perspective and a vision of future, integrity and sustainability.

  • MISSION: Building a fair society through the promotion of values core to scientific research 
  • VISION: increase partners’ value proposition, impact and success through citizen science, science communication, and science outreach 
  • 9+ years of experience (2011) in citizen science, science communication, and science outreach
  • Throughout-the-value-chain collaboration: Design, Development, Fundraising, Implementation and Management of projects & activities
  • Strong commitment (tight partnership)
  • Contribution tailored to the project’s needs
  • Strong collaborator network (top research institutions, international research networks) & knowledge of stakeholders




Roberto Torres

Director and Co-Funder

Roberto Torres has studies in graphic design, marketing and film production, and complementary studies of Interaction design, and user experience. Roberto has an extended experience in advertising and marketing for prestigious international agencies, as art director and associate creative. In the last 10 years, he has specialized in Science Communication, developing and implementing outreach and dissemination strategies and corporate image for several researchers from well recognized research centers.


María Bogaerts

Scientific Collaborator

She completed her studies in Biotechnology and later specialized in Bioinformatics in order to be part of scientific projects from the collection of samples, through processing, to the subsequent analysis of data. She is currently a PhD student at the Evolutionary and Functional Biology Group (González Lab), researching which parts of the genome may be involved in adaptation to different environments using Drosophila.


Pablo Volt

Musician and web developer

Passionate about computer technologies and applications, he delves into programming technologies such as C, Java, Php, but especially in Pure Data, an open source language, which allows him to unite his two passions: art and technology. Self-taught musician. He has developed different projects as a composer and producer, and has participated as a musician in different types of groups, in both facets he materializes the intersection of disciplines such as Sonora poetry, or live cinema with music.


Laia Mora

Performer and choreographer

Multidisciplinary dancer, being in a continuous learning process and always looking for different forms of expression, contemporary dance, with “”Carne Agonizante” Company (2015) directed by Sandro Borelli, Lab. 3,14 presented the new production Chroma (2019) directed by Albert Garrell among others. She has worked dance with technology as in Digifest (2019) Birmingham-Barcelona with the choreographer Jana Bitterová, Spots for TV with Estudio Trizz. He is currently a Freelance in Barcelona and works on different projects.


Sebastián Jara

Software and tech-development

He studied composition in Chile and continued his studies at the University of Barcelona. He has participated as an Audiovisual Artist in the theater company Ooops !. He has a Master in Sound Art (UB) in search of new experiences with digital art, Currently he develops interactive systems with new technologies.


Josefa González

Scientific Director and Co-Funder

Dr. González is a tenured scientist at the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) in Barcelona, Spain. She got her PhD at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and continue her training at Stanford University, CA. Dr. González research aims at understanding how organisms adapt to the environment. Towards this end, her lab combines omic approaches with detailed molecular and phenotypic analyses to identify and characterize adaptive mutations, and in particular those induced by transposable element insertions. She is currently an ERC Investigator.


Miriam Merenciano, PhD

Scientific Collaborator

Graduated in Human Biology and MSc in Biomedical Research. She has completed a PhD in Genetics at the Evolutionary and Functional Biology Group (González Lab) in the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), where she is currently a postdoctoral researcher. He has collaborated in the different scientific dissemination and outreach projects of González Lab and LCATM, especially in the #MelanogasterCTF citizen science project.


Esther Garcés, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Doctor in Biology in the Institute of Marine Sciences (CSIC), with interest in the ecology of marine plankton. Esther partnered with LCATM, in the projects “SeaDance, Keep The Rhythm!”, interactive installation that explains the interactions between microorganisms in marine ecosystems, and the importance of biodiversity, and the interactive exhibition “SeaSensations” (Work in progress). Both projects funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).